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Christo and Jeanne-Claude Over The River Project Course, Fall 2014

Here’s a short video clip about my upcoming class at University of Colorado. Enjoy Christo’s remarks about how he and Jeanne-Claude’s bottom line for all the art they do is about "BEAUTY and JOY".  And that all their art is…I love this…"TOTALLY USELESS"!

Students at CU: Come and join us for a Semester of study of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s project on the Arkansas River…the Engineering, the Environmental Issues, the Mitigation of Big Horn Sheep, the Impact on the Communities along the River, the Politics and Lawsuits and of course, most importantly, the 'USELESS' Art!

Here’s the official link to their Over the River project,a massive art project planned since the early 1990’s.

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My favorite social change outfit! Nice going everybody, great project!

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