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Dave Grusin Residency at Festival da Jazz St. Moritz – Jazz Festival Switzerland / Schweiz

We are celebrating Brother Dave Grusin’s 80th Birthday at Club Dracula in St. Moritz, Switzerland… Wonderful musicians are guitarist Lee Ritenour, drummer Will Kennedy, bassist Tom Kennedy, singer Patti Austin, saxophonist Ernie Watts!!

Starting Friday August 8th with Dave and Lee offer “Two Worlds’ with Chamber Orchestra, at The Laudinella Concert Hall.

Then on Saturday the 9th Dave and I play our two piano duelette at Dracula’s Ghost Riders Club. Maybe with Patti…

On the 10th the GRP All Star Night also at Dracula’s Ghost Riders Club with Patti Austin and Ernie Watts.

Finally we move to the Pier at Lake Zurich at the Hotel Eden Au Lac with GRP All Star Band on Monday August 11th. 

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Over The River Project Course, Fall 2014

Here’s a short video clip about my upcoming class at University of Colorado. Enjoy Christo’s remarks about how he and Jeanne-Claude’s bottom line for all the art they do is about "BEAUTY and JOY".  And that all their art is…I love this…"TOTALLY USELESS"!

Students at CU: Come and join us for a Semester of study of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s project on the Arkansas River…the Engineering, the Environmental Issues, the Mitigation of Big Horn Sheep, the Impact on the Communities along the River, the Politics and Lawsuits and of course, most importantly, the 'USELESS' Art!

Here’s the official link to their Over the River project,a massive art project planned since the early 1990’s.

___Willkommen beim Jazz Club in Minden____                                                                                                              Seit 1953. Der Jazz Club Minden ist ein ühberregional bekannter Jazz Club. Regelmäßig Live-Konzerte mit international bekannten Jazz-Grgrößen in einzigartiger Atmosphäre.

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